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Mr Mark E Fittock (2001)

Mark Fittock is an Australian space engineer and project manager who specialises in space flight hardware. He has worked across a number of domains within space technology and has been involved in over 30 flight missions.

Mark studied mechanical engineering, astrophysics and mathematics at Monash University before pursuing a double Masters in Space Technology and Instrumentation in Europe. He began at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) running a programme to launch student experiments on rockets and balloons.

Among his achievements are the development, build and testing of DLR’s HP3 Experiment for NASA’s InSight mission to Mars which landed in 2018 and dug into the surface of Mars to make detailed measurements of the sand and Mars itself.

Mark works in Germany for the company OHB as a project manager for future exploration and science missions including European Space Agency’s (ESA) Hera mission to the Didymos asteroid pair that shall investigate the effect of impacting asteroids as part of the joint NASA/ESA Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment study.