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Dr Anthony J Stimson (1966)

Tony Stimson studied History at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University.

In 1990 he founded, with two others, Eynesbury College, an independent Years 11 and 12 college in Adelaide. The absence of younger students meant that Eynesbury could operate informally compared with other schools. Teachers and students worked on a first name basis and students had some freedom of movement in and out of the school. There were no sirens or uniforms. All students were heading towards university.

Eynesbury quickly established a reputation as a leading academic college. Two international English Language Centres and two Institutes of Business and Technology followed, all with a focus on international education and highly successful examples of partnerships between privately owned tertiary institutions and South Australia’s universities.

Tony stepped down as school Principal in 2007. He later consulted for independent schools and founded, with his wife, Community Action for People with Disabilities in Africa, a small development organisation building capacity in local disability providers in Moshi, Tanzania.